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It's good to meet you! 

Are you wanting to begin or restart your therapy journey? Are you hoping to understand more about yourself and create positive changes to enjoy your life more fully? We are made up of thoughts and behaviors, as well as pre-determined biases and beliefs, from our experience in life. As we navigate life, these areas may start to change. 

The internal wants/needs vs external experience of life may become shifted and not entirely in alignment any longer. This can cause anxiety, obsessive behaviors, disordered thinking/acting, and lack of connection with ourselves, in addition to many other symptoms of mental health unmet needs.

I am a support in guiding you through your thoughts and beliefs, changing behaviors, navigating narratives and stories that you have about your life, looking into our past to help determine our why, analyzing dreams, exploring subconscious ideas, opening up patterns and systems, and using somatic/mind and body approaches to deregulate your nervous system.

You do not have to be alone in this journey to finding your personal brand of holistic mental and emotional wellness. You can grow in a safe space in therapy that allows you to process, learn and experience the world in the ways that you desire. If you are already here, you are on the right path. Send me an email to inquire about my open availability.

Clinical Specialties 

Autism Spectrum 
Adolescent/Young Adult
Stress Management

Session Fee

$125 - $175 (pro bono or sliding scale possibly available)



Blue Cross and Blue Shield


I will also file out-of-network claims for most other carriers. Inquire for more information.




Mental health counselor and therapist Kiersten Sledge

Kiersten Sledge, MS, LCMHC-A

Professional Counselor/Therapist

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